Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Consultancy Service
The selection and designing of air-conditioning systems in today’s modern buildings is a vital factor since these systems are the major consumers of energy.  We have found that the air-conditioning system can account for as much as 60% of the total power requirement of a building.  In case this energy consumption is not addressed properly upfront, not only does the initial investment increase, there is also a manifold impact on the operational cost.  System selection is the core of this issue, and that is where we contribute the most innovative ideas to a project.

LAKPAD COMFORT AIRCON SYSTEMS  always consider a few key parameters while designing air-conditioning systems.
We design systems that are:
  • energy efficient, resulting in low electrical demand
  • low maintenance with minimal running costs
  • optimal in water consumption
  • adherent to environmental, health and safety standards
  • conscious to operational costs

LAKPAD COMFORT AIRCON SYSTEMS has extensive experience in the most difficult situations where air-conditioning system is critical to the success of the project, like:

  • IT / Commercial Buildings
  • Data Centers
  • Health Care Units
  • Hotels
  • Industrial Segment, e.g. Pharma
  • Clean Rooms
  • Convention Centers
  • Large District Cooling Plants, etc.
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