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A versatile airconditioning solution for large commercial spaces such as open-layout offices, showrooms and banks particularly when you need it in no time.


  • Available in 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 TR
  • Ideal for airconditioning existing open layouts without obstructing partitions
  • Needs no ducting or false ceiling, hence quick to install
  • It does not need wall or window space, an unused corner or space beside a column in the room will do
  • Cold air is delivered efficiently from a good height and can therefore reach up to 25 ft., enabling effective cooling of a large area
  • Power saver
  • Long life
  • Blue fin condenser for highly efficient heat transfer
  • Fuzzy logic control for intelligent cooling
  • Oscillating louvres for uniform cooling
  • Low noise
  • Dry Mode dehumidifies the air and removes extra moisture from the room
  • User-friendly Remote Control

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